N draws a heart on Leo’s cheek

I ❤ U Leo~



[INFO] Around 11PM on the 12th, a city bus hit the van that JB and staff were in. They are being hospitalized. (according to Incheon area news). Witnesses say that the van was backing up when the bus hit it. They are in a hospital in Incheon. No further info at the moment.


never stop smiling

Q: Which member have a weird habit that can’t be understand?

[140910 FANACC] That was 2011 when I went to watch Happy Camp with Lee Min Ho as their guest. And there was this one mom who was sitting beside me and wiping her tears. I asked her what was wrong, she told me she misses her son that’s why. And since there were people who told her that her son looks like Lee Min Ho, she decided to watch Happy Camp. She also added that her son was a trainee of a company in South Korea and was near debuting. When it got a chance, she showed me a phone with her wallpaper of the selca of her son. She was actually Zhang Yixing’s mother.

(A fan’s response regarding the weibo post/fan account of Yixing shopping and going out with his Mama.)

cr. 一个噔噔黄